Monday, June 4, 2012

Individual Puppy Portriats :)

The puppies are two weeks and three days old today! ALL of their eyes are open and they are moving like crazy! We expect to see them running any day now!

Here are the individual pictures of each puppy with their collar color and gender and a little bit of what we've noticed about each one since birth. Deposits have been made on yellow and red. Please keep in mind it was hard to take their individual photos due to squirming..haha!

Photos by: Jordan Westbrook
Orange (female)- Orange is very independent, very vocal, and one of the bigger puppies.

Yellow (male)- Yellow is one of the smaller puppies. A deposit has been made on him.

Pink (female)- Pink was the first born and it shows! She likes all the attention! She is a BIG puppy!

Dark Green (male)-  Dark Green was the second born, but the first male. He is also quite large!

Red (male)- Red started "talking" when he was born, and hasn't stopped since! He's the smallest of the bunch and has a deposit put down on him.

Purple (female)- Purple is has a sweet nature about her, but she is the initator of the group (stay tuned for tomorrow's post to see what she started!)

Blue (male)- Blue is really calm and relaxed like his Momma! He's definitely quiet (unlike Red..haha).

Lime Green (male)- Like Blue, we don't hear much out of  Lime Green, he's quiet and laid back.

White (male)- White is energetic and likes to rustle up his siblings!

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