Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Weeks Old: Teething & Training

We can feel baby/puppy teeth starting to pop up! They haven't fully come in yet but you can definitely tell they will be in soon!  They're little ears are starting to open up, too!

Here are some pictures from last night! Photos by: Jordan Westbrook

They were all asleep....

And literally TWO minutes later...they decided they were starving!

Red was SO hungry he started sucking on his sibling's stomach,

While yellow sat and waited his turn. (I didn't catch what color) thought he/she would take a snooze while waiting to eat!

Everybody wanted over to the other side to eat, but not everyone would

The two that were the least eager to eat (from left to right: yellow and orange) decided to play with each other.
Yellow licking orange

And in case you were wondering, we are starting early on potty training your pups! They started (mostly) using the puppy pads at only two and a half weeks! Yay!

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